Fluoride treatment is a preventive treatment that our dentist and team recommend to our patients to help avoid cavities and decay. This is a fast and pain-free process. Call Elite Dental Care today at 731-635-5000 for more information on fluoride treatment in Ripley, Tennessee, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brien Polk.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and can be found in many foods. It is also often added to water supplies and toothpaste. If your teeth are prone to decay, our dentist may recommend a professional fluoride treatment to help strengthen your teeth and make them less susceptible to decay-causing factors in your mouth.

As you eat and drink throughout the day, the bacteria, sugars and acids in your mouth constantly attack and demineralize your tooth enamel. Fluoride works to strengthen this enamel, remineralizing it and making it more resistant to cavities and decay. Fluoride also strengthens teeth as they develop to help them remain strong and healthy, making fluoride treatments important for children who are still growing.

Fluoride treatments can be performed in just a few minutes during your regular dental cleanings and exams. These treatments are available in the form of a gel, varnish or foam, which is applied to your teeth for several minutes. Our dentist will examine your teeth and discuss your oral health with you to determine if a fluoride treatment is needed.

To schedule your appointment and learn more about the benefits of fluoride treatment, call our team today!

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